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Yes, you read the title correctly, and no, I'm not losing it. I really do believe there are times when you should not use ColdFusion. And before crowds start gathering in the streets to burn my effigy, let me explain. Understanding ColdFusion ColdFusion, as we all know, is an application server, and a darn good one at that (whew, saved myself just in time). ColdFusion does lots of wonderful things for us. It reads and writes information in databases, it performs all sorts of conditional processing, it interacts with server file systems, it talks to HTTP, FTP, LDAP and mail servers, and much more. But the fact that ColdFusion can do all those things for you doesn't mean it should, nor does it mean you should always use ColdFusion to solve all problems. Let me put it another way. ColdFusion provides all the logic elements needed to write complex business rules, but app... (more)

Web Services Edge Conference Opens Tomorrow at Boston's Hynes Convention Center; Exposition Floor Open Wednesday through Thursd

Montvale, NJ, March 17, 2003 - SYS-CON Events, Inc. announced today that Web Services Edge 2003 East - International Web Services Conference & Expo will open tomorrow, Tuesday, March 18 through Thursday March 20th. The Conference expo floor will open Wednesday, March 19, and Thursday March 20th ( The sponsors and exhibitors of the event will offer their innovative new technologies to conference delegates, corporate i-technology managers, industry decision makers, and software buyers. In its third year, this fifth international event will take place on March 18-20, at Boston's Hynes Convention Center. The Conference is being sponsored by the world's foremost i-technology companies, including Compuware, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Sun Microsystems, Digital Evolution, IONA, Rational Software, Sams Publishing, and Sybas... (more)

Java Developer's Journal Projects Record Print Circulation of Over 115,000; July-December Six Month Average

Montvale, NJ, December 11, 2002 - SYS-CON Media, headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, announced today that it is projecting a new record circulation for Java Developer's Journal - a more than 115,000(*) copy average for the most recent six months ending in December 2002. JDJ is reaching another 25,000 - 30,000 readers per month via its digital edition, which is an identical copy of its print version, cover-to-cover, including all display advertisement and sponsor pages ( "In December, JDJ's most recent six-month average print circulation is expected to reach more than 115,000 copies, 5,000 more than the previously projected number" said Carmen Gonzalez, executive vice president of sales and marketing at SYS-CON Media. "Our research shows that most of our readers are corporate i-technology buyers of software and IT services, decis... (more)

Extending ColdFusion

This column will focus on some of the ways developers have of extending the core capacities of ColdFusion. Specifically, we will cover user-defined functions (UDFs), custom tags, and ColdFusion components (CFCs). Every other month I'll select one or two resources that are freely available to anyone and explain what makes it (or them) interesting - or just plain cool. If you'd like to suggest a particular resource, please e-mail me at ray@camden I'll begin this month with a pair of UDFs developed by Nathan Dintenfas ( The UDFs are named QueryString ChangeVar ( and QueryStringDeleteVar ( You can probably guess by their names what they accomplish. Both UDFs work on the query string. Not sure what that is? The query string is everything you see in the URL after the loca... (more)

Mapping the Future of CF, Spectra, E-Business and the Internet

CFDJ: Allaire has recently been in the acquisition and partnership mode. Can you give us a brief history of the events over the last couple of years and the rationale behind these decisions? Allaire: One of the primary reasons for going public over a year ago was to create a base of assets that could be leveraged into mergers and acquisitions. We saw a number of areas for expansion for our platform, all of which underlined a long-term strategy for becoming one of the leading Internet business platforms. In 1999 we undertook three acquisitions. The first, BrightTiger Technologies, makers of advanced scalability and Web systems management technology, underpinned our efforts to bolster our Enterprise-level application server offering. The last two, LiveSoftware and Valto Systems, helped to accelerate Allaire's entry into the Java server marketspace, and have formed th... (more)

Sandbox Security

Despite what your parents told you, sharing is not always a good thing. However, if you provide a shared hosting environment, here are some tips on making it more secure. Frequently, I come across hosting providers or companies offering ColdFusion on their servers. Unfortunately, many of these companies are not thoroughly familiar with the platform, especially in a shared hosting environment. ColdFusion is a product that is easy to install and manage, but that doesn't mean you should forego reading the documentation provided with the product. This article does not to attempt to provide a full-fledged guide to securing a ColdFusion server, nor does it examine in depth the technical details of security sandboxes and how they work. What I will discuss here is a small collection of settings that I recommend for shared host servers running ColdFusion Enterprise with sand... (more)

MX Developer's Journal: Using Breeze Web Services to Display a List of Recordings for a Meeting

One of the unique features of the Macromedia Breeze 5 Meeting module is the ability to capture or record the meetings as they take place for future replay. After a recording session finishes, the Breeze 5 Meeting module creates SWF files to allow for easy delivery of the recording over the web. Another useful feature of Macromedia Breeze 5 is the ability to integrate Breeze in existing systems through the use of the Breeze Web Services API. Through web services, an exciting amount of opportunities become available to Breeze implementers­opportunities such as creating custom event listings and event and meeting detail pages. Another opportunity includes building reporting dashboards for graphically representing specific data sets on meeting usage, course reports, and event effectiveness. The beauty of the data being available as web services is in how it allows you to... (more)

Your First Adobe Flex Application with a ColdFusion Backend

Flex is a complete set of tools to develop rich Internet cross-platform applications based on the Flash platform. With Flex, you can create applications that not only have the "wow factor" necessary to please clients and users alike, but the "usability factor" necessary to make your application a real success.  Flex 2 has recently been released and can be downloaded at Adobe's Web site. This release includes Flex Builder 2 (an IDE based on Eclipse) and Flash Player 9. At Adobe's Web site, you'll also find tools specifically for ColdFusion such as the ColdFusion/Flex Connectivity package and ColdFusion extensions for Flex Builder. If you know how Flex 1.5 works, you'll be happy to hear that Flex 2 doesn't require a Flex server and that you can develop and deploy applications with Flex 2 for free using the Flex SDK (if you don't use the IDE). A Flex application comm... (more)

CFDJ Editorial — Making Heads or Tails of the Many CF Conferences

ColdFusion developers today are presented with more options than ever before - more developer tools, more conferences and learning resources, and more development choices in the form of frameworks and language features. With the recent passing of yet another MAX conference, I want to take the opportunity to explore many of the decisions in educational community activities (conferences) that ColdFusion developers face today. I realize that for many developers, attending every conference is not a realistic option. Obviously, location and timing can play a large part in the decision of whether to attend a conference. But what if timing and cost aren't an issue? How do you decide which conference(s) to attend, then? What should you look for in a conference? The first criterion has to be subject matter. Do you have interest in learning about technologies and products oth... (more)

Is Ulitzer a New Trend or the Ultimate Death of Journalism?

I must confess I am very new to Ulitzer as an online channel of social communication media. But I am delighted about its raison d'être. However, I cannot but ask these questions: Is Ulitzer the beginning of a new trend or the ultimate death of journalism? Or is it the glorification of e-journalism? The realization of new journalism practice in the age of Web services and Internet Technology? These series of questions are being answered everyday as the new social media moguls and barons and baronesses of the Internet Media launched another online media channel, one after another. We must give kudos to the visionaries among us who realize the powerful role of Internet technology and quickly seized on its powerful promise by giving voice to every kind of idea and thought under the sun. And what has technology not redefined yet? Think about it, from e-retailing to e-democr... (more)

SYS-CON Events Announces that Computer Associates Will Be the Platinum Sponsor of JDJEdge 2001 International Java Developer Conf

Montvale, NJ, August 3, 2001 - SYS-CON Events ( announced today that Computer Associates will be the Platinum Sponsor of the two East Coast "Edge" events: JDJEdge 2001 International Java Developer Conference & Expo and Web Services Edge 2001 International Web Services Conference & Expo East, which will be colocated at the Hilton New York, September 23-26. At JDJEdge 2001, Computer Associates will present one of the highly anticipated "Working with i-technology" sessions, which is geared to an audience of i-technology managers, business analysts, corporate systems managers, architects, project managers, and CIOs. Paul Lipton, Director of Object Technology at Computer Associates will open this track on Monday, September 24, with a session entitled "Achieving Enterprise Level XML and E-Business Integration with Java." This session presents an overview of... (more)