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This is a checklist of items you need for an all-encompassing personal branding strategy. Personal branding is the process of marketing and selling yourself as a brand in order to gain success in business. Personal branding is a continual process just as knowing yourself is a continual process. As you grow, so does your brand. The need for personal branding arises from the fact that globalization has increased competition in the workplace. As the wheat is separated from the chaff, if you are left standing, you are left standing with others of good caliber. The playing field is now that much more challenging since your competition is as good as, or better, than you. To paraphrase David Samuel, the bloke who got me into personal branding after I saw him speak a few years ago; he spoke about of why you need personal branding. His audience was a group from a large teleco... (more)

Streamlining Data Entry Applications

You may not believe this, but you'll probably spend more time maintaining your ColdFusion application once it goes into production than you spent developing it in the first place. Among IT professionals it's well known that the effort required to support applications over time is significantly larger than the effort required to build them. Applications are like children: the effort and dollars required to bring them into the world are sizable, but once they're here you'll support them for years. Thus it behooves you to take measures to minimize the effort required to maintain you... (more)

Unlocking Restricted Use of CFFILE,CFCONTENT,and More

Many developers know that the CF administrator can restrict your ability to use several tags that not only provide very useful capabilities, but can also be used to provide unauthorized access to server resources. What many don't know is that they can arrange to use those restricted tags on a case-by-case basis with the administrator's permission. In this article, I introduce the Unsecured Tags Directory feature, which most developers don't know about and many administrators don't understand. This feature can be the key to unlocking tags that might otherwise render a developer's... (more)

ColdFusion Developer's Journal Special: How to Prevent an SQL Injection Attack

SQL Injection attacks are one of the easiest ways to hack into a website. One recent hack, using a script from, involves injecting SQL into a web form that then appends some JavaScript code into fields in a database that then gets executed on the client side when a user views a database-driven page. To learn more about this hack, go to this link. more)

NewsWatch - April, 2000

IN THIS ISSUE: E-COMMERCE UPDATE New Privacy Act Protects Children on Web Sites ALLAIRE ANNOUNCEMENTS Allaire Reports Record 1Q 2000 Results Allaire Appoints Two to Board of Directors Allaire Certified Professional Program Preview ColdFusion 4.5.1 Update Allaire Developer Conference 2000 Allaire Teams with Cisco - Load Balancing DEVELOPER NEWS A Belated Welcome to SECURITY Mounties Bust Mafiaboy for February DoS Attack on CNN BUSINESS TRENDS Latest Site Ratings Upswing in Wireless Content Delivery USER GROUPS Ben Forta/Ashley King CFUGoRama In Washington DC E-COMMERCE... (more)

Maintaining Live Verity Collections in a Clustered Environment

The task seemed monumental: "Come up with a way to keep live Verity data indexed and accessible to multiple Web servers in a clustered environment." The scope of the data was huge - hundreds of thousands of pieces of content - with new additions made 24 hours a day, every day of the year. All known methods to accomplish this task just did not seem to do the job adequately. It was time to get creative. While analyzing the inner workings of the stock Verity 97 engine that ships with ColdFusion 4.5, the following keys to success were identified: Verity searches are CPU-intense; thu... (more)